Pay Per Click Consulting

You’ll Be Hard-Pressed to Find a Greater Return on Investment!
With our optional Pay-per-Click Management services, you can ...
  • advertise your geothermal heating & cooling business online and pay only when prospective customers actually click on your ad
  • reach untold numbers of potential customers at the moment they’re looking for the geothermal heating and cooling expertise you offer
Talk about a great ROI!
You’ll love this, too: Pay-per-Click gives you the opportunity to be visible online for search engine terms that, while relevant to your geothermal services, may not actually appear on your website.
With our extensive marketing, advertising, Web, and SEO expertise, we can help you make the most of Pay-per-Click. We’ll help you with everything from keyword selection and WaterFurnace geothermal-oriented ad copy review, to the identification of conversion opportunities, to performance tracking. Want details? Contact Us.