Powerful Geothermal Marketing Tools … for Not a Lot of Money!

There’s never been a more effortless, effective, and affordable way to solidify your reputation as an expert WaterFurnace geothermal heating and cooling contractor than with this exciting program!

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JUST $100/MONTH with SSL!
If You Like, Add Optional Google AdWords Consulting & Call Tracking


Website hosting (so you don’t have to worry about it) • Ongoing customer support from a U.S.-based team of Cirrus ABS Web experts • Breaking news articles and information on the latest resources from WaterFurnace Corporate, delivered through your website Admin Portal A customer-friendly Savings Calculator • Sales Lead Forms (Contact Us/Request More Info) • Social networking integration – offering more opportunities to promote your business through today’s popular social media • Secondary market pages • Easy site configuration • Sitewide search capability • Easy-to-manage modules, including News, Events, FAQs, and Testimonials A manageable image rotator to enhance the display of information and attract visitors Advanced page layout capabilities • Unlimited additional pages and sub-pages to supplement the template offerings The integration of widget/gadget technology so you can easily augment any page with related content and functionality • Advanced search engine optimization tools – to make sure you get found online!


Monthly Google AdWords Consulting Program (aka Pay-per-Click) determined on a dealer-by-dealer basis • Call Tracking base price includes 5 phone numbers (888, 877, or 866 prefixes; local numbers available in most areas for additional $10 setup fee per number) • $5/month per additional phone number above the base-price 5 • $0.10 charged per minute of system usage • porting (transferring) a dealer’s current toll-free numbers available for $5, each number • porting a dealer’s current local numbers available for $15, each number • true 800-prefix numbers available for one-time $29 setup fee, each number.

Once you've checked out the all the incredible features of the WaterFurnace Dealer Online Marketing Program, we think you’ll agree: By any comparison, no one else gives you so much for so little. If you really want the best, most cost-efficient way to maximize the success of your geothermal marketing efforts, contact WaterFurnace today