Everything you need
to succeed online
an incredible value at just
$100/month (with SSL)
+one-time $50 setup fee
Also available:
Optional Paid Search & Call Tracking
for an additional
$45/month + one-time $50 setup fee!
Complete Website and Online Marketing Solution - Quick, Affordable, Turnkey
  • Not just any website, mind you, but one specifically geared to your business needs - a website designed to enhance your standing as a geothermal heating & cooling expert.

  • Easy-to-use yet sophisticated dashboard tools put you in complete control. Just log in and set up your own content, pictures, colors, news, events, and so on.

  • Your customizable website has been built for high search engine visibility. We'll make sure you get found online by those looking for the geothermal heating & cooling services you offer.

  • We offer a portfolio of visually enticing contemporary website design templates. Whichever one you choose can be customized with your logo, colors, and other branding elements.

  • All your WaterFurnace accounts are accessible from one place. Here, you can log on to your co-op account, the marketing website, news, and all sorts of other data.

  • Log on and you'll see a well-organized dashboard showcasing your site analytics, current reward points (GeoPro dealers only), lead acquisition tools, and more.

  • Included with the Paid Search option are 5 phone numbers enabling you to receive multi-media metric data that used to be hard to track.

  • We guarantee 99.9% server uptime. Even our backups have backups! So your site's online, visible, and ready for business at all times!

  • See how your website's performing instantly! Integrated Google Analytics gives you the stats on who's visiting, from where - and other vital data!

  • We automatically create a mobile-friendly version of your site! And it gets even friendlier with available iPhone, Blackberry, or Droid apps!

  • You'll get the answers you need from our expert, U.S.-based support team - via phone, email, online chat, portal training, videos, and more!


If you’re looking for geothermal marketing success these days, the Web is where it’s at! Or can be … if you have the right tools. And you’ll have the right tools when you sign up for our WaterFurnace Dealer Online Marketing Program.
Face it. Today’s savvy consumers shop online for products, information, and services. We give you the website to reach them – a website that’s …
  • HIGHLY VISIBLE to search engines – and, thus, to the audience you seek
  • PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED to attract visitors and keep them onsite (And you can choose from a variety of sharp-looking design templates!)
  • GEOTHERMAL-CONTENT-READY with constantly updated text and graphics from WaterFurnace corporate
  • EASY TO MANAGE thanks to sophisticated yet simple-to-use tools from Web developer Cirrus ABS that let you add your own content as you desire to contribute
Take a look at all the remarkable features this new program offers. Then contact us and put them to work for your geothermal heating & cooling business today.